Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gorgeous and rainy BC

If you are wondering what the weather is like here in BC... 
It is rainy. 
If you are wondering how we are doing... 
We are blessed! 
Staring September 2011 I could not stop and think how blessed we are! 
We have entered in a completely new season of our lives.
This summer my maternity leave was coming to an end and I started asking God for a job, a good job that I could pay for my school with, without taking another loan. I would walk and pray... 
For Terry's job, too, as I knew we had to live and pay rent somehow. He was ready to work anywhere... But it wasn't God's plan for him to work at a store or at a factory, or at the warehouse. He had a better plan: APA Youth Pastor!!! 
We are very happy and thankful for what God had in store. Both at school, both working, both enjoying our baby boy growing. So those jobs gave us an opportunity not to take another loan but be able to pay for school. However, it is not exactly just a job for me or Terry. 
We LOVE being at APA! 
We LOVE the kids there! 
We LOVE the people there, too! 
Staff is AMAZING!!! 
We feel loved and accepted. 
At the school where I work I have built connections with students and it is my small mission's field. With people who don't celebrate and believe in Christmas, we still get to talk about it and celebrate it in class. Sometimes it is not about hard truth of the Bible (which it is at some point), but it is about building relationships first. 
This Christmas has been fantastic, although we did miss our family, but we are so blessed to have christian family here that we had a great time with. 
It is 2012 now, new season, new year... it could be something new for every single person. My new is being support for others, I really want to be there to people in need. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It seems like every single person who is out there is blogging... wow people have so much time on there hands... so I decided to catch up to my friends and why not blog....

Great season has brought some big fruit into our lives!

We have such a big privilege right now to be students.

Terry is studying to be a Pastor. Not only studies give you permission to be a Pastor but the anointing of the Lord and His giftings...
And I am very fortunate to have an open door to Graduate Studies and I am so looking forward to studying and taking in everything School has to offer and then... going on the missions field.... Can't wait to use all the knowledge I have saved and ministering at the same time.

Moving to BC was the best idea we have ever had. Living on campus offers great opportunity of living among variety of people. Young and wise, mature and people who are still learning. The funny thing is that we are all the same (not perfect) and different at the same time (as God made us all unique). I am looking at our experience here as being the most curvy learning path: learning to be together as one, accepting all kinds of people without judging them, appreciating all the hard work the staff does at Summit and trying to follow their example. We have met some amazing friends here at Summit. Probably life long friends :)

There are so many great people in this world and we start noticing it when they are moving or far away, or they die...  

The best thing that happened to us in BC was the birth of our son Terry the third. He is growing so fast. There would be no other time that I wish I had him other then when it happened. He is so perfect to me. Every time I look at him I adore him. He 's got such a personality already. Love our boy.

God is growing the seeds He has once planted in us.
Being loved by God is the most amazing thing that some people don't even know exist.